Thursday, 16 April 2015 19:12

President's Message April 2015

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Hello everyone!

I'm very happy to see some of the turn outs we have at our meetings and weekly meet-ups.

The weather is great and streets are being cleaned up, so let's get out and do more!

I've been mixing it up a bit with small events and cruises but I've also been keeping anĀ open mind on locations and times. So if you have a plan or a location you wish to go to, let me know. Let's make it happen!

We're starting to get busy again, so let's try to keep everyone involved and invite friends out to join in.

Also, please note the upcoming AMOA club events as listed on page 27. We are also working on additional events which will be announced when more details are confirmed.

There are numerous other car related events in the region which will be listed in the Northwest Cruise Calendar visit which should now be available.

Our objective is to get more people to be involved in club related activities. Come out and join in. We always have fun at events and meet a lot of people with similar interests. Come out and see what you are missing!

See you all throughout the month! And drive safe.

Phil Sephton

AMOA Club President

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